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Alpha is a series of FREE interactive sessions exploring…

Faith & Meaning

Are you curious about faith, want to know if there is more to life? Consider attending an Alpha course. 

The course covers topics like:

How can I have faith? Who is Jesus Does God heal today? How do I make the most of my life?

You're invited...

Over 200,000 people in NZ and millions worldwide have explored the big questions of life on Alpha. You’re invited to join the journey here…

Next Alpha Courses Begins:
9.30am Tuesday 23 August and
6.30pm Wednesday 30 August


Judith O’Sullivan

(03) 359 1438


Next Alpha Courses Begins:
6.30pm Thursday 20 July in Rangiora

Carly Mulqueen
(03) 313 6285

Next Alpha Courses Begins:

Visit the Cathedral Parish Facebook Events Page or contact Clare to find out more information about the next Christchurch City Alpha course.

Clare Bell
03 379 1068

Christchurch West Parish will not be running the Alpha course in 2023 but look forward to hosting it again in 2024.

Contact: Vicki Surry
03 348 6100