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Discerning a Religious Vocation

What makes religious vocations different from natural vocations, and why should you discern one? Every Catholic should definitely discern a religious vocation. And there's a couple of reasons for that. WHY? with Fr. Dave Tomaszycki VOCATION DISCERNMENT One is marriage is a natural vocation. You can fall into a marriage. I wouldn't recommend it, probably wouldn't be great, but you can fall into a marriage. You don't just fall into a religious vocation. Because religious vocation is supernatural. It's above nature. Now I always tell people that everyone is called to marriage. The question is, what type of marriage? Is it just the regular natural marriage, or is it to a religious vocation? So I'll tell you a little bit of my own story. Fr. Dave Tomaszycki So I had life all figured out, I was going to, you know, get married, wife and kids, own my own plumbing business, live happily ever after. But then I started praying and opening up to the Lord, and it was tough. It was very tough at first, but I just thought, you know, okay, who's smarter? Me or God? And I know God's way smarter. God wants to make me happy and he can make me happy. So follow him. You will not be disappointed in discerning a religious vocation. And I'll tell you what: just in my own story, as the months went by it's like, wow, you know what? If God calls me to something other than the priesthood, I'll be a much better husband, a much better father, just a much better person, 'cause now I've learned how to pray. I've learned how to follow God.
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