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St. Catherine of Siena on Divine Mercy | HOMILY

"How great is the eternal mercy with which You cover the sins of Your creatures!" St. Catherine of Siena, while in a state of ecstasy, dictated this profound dialogue on mercy over 550 years before the devotion to Divine Mercy was promulgated to the world. Then this soul could not contain herself, but standing before the face of God, exclaimed, "How great is the eternal mercy with which you cover the sins of your creatures!" I do not wonder that you say of those who abandon mortal sin and return to you. I do not remember that you have ever offended me. Your mercy preserves us. Your mercy caused your sin to do battle for us, hanging by his arms on the wood of the cross, life and death battling together. Then life confounded the death of our sin, and the death of our sin destroyed the bodily life of the immaculate lamb. Which was finally conquered? Death. By what means? Mercy. Your mercy gives light and life, by which your clemency is known in all your creatures, both the just and the unjust. O, loving madman, was it not enough for you to become incarnate, that you must also die? Your mercy constrains you to give even more in man. Namely, to leave yourself in food, so that we weak ones should have comfort, wherefore everyday you give yourself to man in the sacrament of the altar. What has done this? Your mercy. O Divine Mercy, my heart suffocates in thinking of you, for in every side to which I turn my thought, I find nothing but mercy.
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