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St Peter

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus told St. Peter he was the rock on whom he was going to build His Church. What??? I'm a Rock???... You are going to build a Church on me??? What a startling...What an unusual statement. What could Jesus have possibly meant by it? Chris Stefanick takes us inside the meaning of the famed words: "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church (Matthew 16:18)." Chris unpacks this powerful apologetic by explaining why every mission needs a leader and an organized effort to be accomplished. The Lord was merely setting up his "organization," his "company" to accomplish His mission in the world, through the Catholic Church. This is what Our Lord intended when he spoke such an astonishing statement to Peter, the Rock. Sure men are weak, but when they are anointed with Divine Authority to Teach and Preach in His name, His Divine Power augments all of our weaknesses! Jesus founded the Catholic Church to be "His company" on earth. A company that would accomplish His mission in the world: to teach and preach in His name --and to bring His presence to all men. See why the world and the Church need a Pope.
Chris Stefanick

Chris Stefanick

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