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What does Mary’s assumption mean? | WHY

Do you ever wonder what the significance of Mary's Assumption is? And did you know that the Blessed Mother was not the only one to be assumed into heaven? Mary was not the only person in history to be assumed into heaven, body and soul. Enoch was, and we see that in Genesis 5:24 and then it re-confirms that in Hebrews 11:5, and then Elijah also was taken up. And then of course, at the end of time, all the righteous will be taken into heaven. So that kind of answers the first one that, no, Mary was not the first one to be assumed into heaven. The second part of that question: what is the significance of Mary's assumption? So, a lot of people think that Mary never died. Most Church fathers believed she did die, some Church fathers believe she didn't, but what the Church teaches is that she went into heaven, body and soul, uncorrupted, before she saw any kind of corruption. Mary was assumed into heaven. Our Lord ascended into heaven. So ascended vs. assumed. That's a big difference, 'cause Jesus Christ is God. He can do that. He can ascend into heaven. Mary is not God. She cannot ascend into heaven, she was assumed into heaven by God himself. And this gives us all confidence. Again, like, Jesus Christ is God, he can ascend. Okay, that's great for him, what about the rest of us? Is he going to be true to his promise? Well, of course he is, and we have evidence in Mary, who was assumed into heaven.
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