Growing in Faith

What Does the Holy Spirit Actually Do?

What happens when we get baptized? What exactly is the transformative power of the Holy Spirit? One of the best ways to understand this sacrament’s effect is through analogies of superheroes. Today, Fr. Mike explains the power of baptism by first recognizing what it is not. Because we are fallen creatures, we can’t be Superman, who has all of his powers within him–we need help from the outside. In other words, we need grace. Grace changes us and alters us internally so that when baptized, we aren’t simply putting on a covering but instead fully healing from our original wounds. Only one superhero, Fr. Mike believes, encompasses the true power of baptism. This hero was good and was made great, just as the Holy Spirit takes us, good sons and daughters of Christ, and makes us great sons and daughters of Christ.
Fr Mike Schmitz

Fr Mike Schmitz

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