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Why Confess My Sins To A Priest?

Why confess my sins to a priest? Why not just pray for forgiveness? Because it’s right there in the Bible. Jesus gave the power to release people from their sins to his Apostles, who were the first bishops and priests. When you wrong somebody, you have to seek forgiveness on their terms—and these are Jesus’ terms. But why did Jesus make confession to a priest mandatory? In this video, I give you several very good possible reasons. It’s psychologically healing. It gets you straighter to God than praying by yourself would. It roots out deadly sins. And because your sin hurts the community of the Church, you need the opportunity to confess to the priest who represents the Church. Remember: Jesus wants you to be free, to not wallow in your misery. He wants you to bask in the grace and mercy he died to give you. Confession isn’t for him, it’s for you.
Chris Stefanick

Chris Stefanick

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