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Why does sharing your faith publicly matter?

Why did God create you?

Why do we have a priesthood?

Catholic Social Teaching in 2 Minutes

Why do we have a priesthood? 

Why do we need to go to Mass every Sunday?

Catholic Social Teaching in 2 Minutes

Why do the sacraments matter?

What is the Meaning of Liturgical Colors at Mass? 

Prayer is...

St Teresa of Calcutta

Intro to Advent

Why should I avoid explicit music or TV shows?

Why Do We Have Patron Saints?

Homosexuality, Gay, Marriage and Holiness

Who Is Influencing You? And Why?

You can be a Saint!

Why is Evangelical Charity Essential to the Life of Disciple?

Why Confess My Sins To A Priest?

How is Mass Like a Food Truck?

What are the Common Views of God?

Why did Jesus Have to Die the Way He Did?

What are you searching for?

The Spirit and the Sacraments

The Spirit of Adoption

The Spirit and the Eucharist

Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer

10 Things You Might Not Know About Lent

Do you doubt yourself?

Why is Adoration important?

Why is baptism so significant?

Why do we believe in purgatory?

Why do I get distracted at Mass? | WHY

Discerning a Religious Vocation

Why read the Bible?

Why do we need frequent Confession?

Discover the Beauty of the Holy Eucharist


Why is there a Pope?

What is the Mass?

What are the Sacraments?

What is Heaven?

Is there Really a Hell?

Where did the Bible come from?

What Does Surrender Actually Look Like?

When Mass Feels like Going Through the Motions

How do we spend our time?

Why Love Is More Than A Feeling

Struggle Is Necessary

Do You Present Your True Self To Others?


Why be Catholic and not just Christian?

Building Healthy Relationships

The Holy Spirit

God Is Real

The Mass

Confession is a place of victory

Do Catholics Worship Mary?

The Mass

The Truth About You

St Peter

You are Enough

Real Presence of Jesus

Advent in 2 minutes

Renew Your Mind

Side with the Advocate

He was born for YOU

He Died For You

He rose for YOU

Why Should I Know Jesus?

How do I hear God when I pray?

Universal Call to Holiness

Exploring the Kerygma

Big Bang: The Creation of the Universe

Plato, Philo & Order

Einstein & The Mystery of the Universe

Suffering and Transcendence

Mourning & Solidarity

Fragility and Transcendence

Human Obligations

The Meaning of Life

Eucharist - What We Believe

Holy Week

The Rosary


Holy Orders

Eucharist - How we Receive



Anointing of the Sick

Why do we Confess?

Mary... The Basics...

Testimony - Trevor

Testimony - Margaret

Testimony - Fr Michael Hartley

What Are Charisms?

Recommended by Matt O'Connell

The Power of Prayer

Give Your Life To Him

The Real Presence In The Eucharist

Host Loving for Life

The objective of Loving for Life is to promote and develop, through educational programmes, an awareness of Christian sexuality and relationships.

Host Real Talk

Real talk wants their audience to see that it doesn’t matter where you have come from, what you have been through, it is about where you CHOOSE to go.

The subjects covered but are not limited to the subjects listed below:

Suicide and triggers and coping mechanisms
Mental Health awareness
Sexual & physical abuse
Gangs & domestic violence
Drug and alcohol addiction
Teen pregnancy
Death & grief
Relationship breakdowns
Career & business aspirations

Johnathan Doyle Podcast

Johnathan Doyle produces a podcast for teachers. He considers his job is to help as many people as possible find meaning in their lives and press forward to create powerful change.